Project Documents

ESRSDF Public Participation report and 2nd Draft ESRSDF

During the Public Participation phase, meaningful engagements took place with stakeholders in accordance with section 18 (4)(2)(b) of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013. Based on the insights and suggestions of stakeholders, a second draft of the ESRSDF was finalised. 

ESRSDF Comments Template

Dear stakeholder Please use the respective fields in the template (which can be downloaded from below) to provide us with your comments on the draft Eastern Seaboard Regional Spatial Development Framework (RSDF).  

Draft ESRSDF Spatial Proposal and implementation Framework

A spatial proposal, informed by the African Smart City vision, spatial objectives & principles was developed. The final deliverable also includes a regional situational synthesis, an implementation framework, and a Capital Expenditure Framework. Comment Template can be downloaded from: ESRSDF Comment table Click on the link below and read more about the draft ESRSDF.

Regional Situational Analysis and Synthesis

A spatial analysis and multidisciplinary situational analysis of all the various components that forms part of the RSDF, was conducted. Click on the below link to access the document.

Status Quo Research

Research was conducted to determine the current status quo of the region. This process included the analysis of the legislative and policy context, the development of a conceptual vision Status Quo Analysis Report. It involves an analysis of the legislative and policy context to extract strategic and spatial direction that will guide the development of the RSDF and subsequently the entire Eastern Seaboard Development.Furthermore, this phase included the development of the conceptual vision for the Eastern Seaboard RSDF.


The inception phase allowed for detailed planning, alignment and engagement to ensure the project is implemented in the most efficient manner. Click on the link below to review the inception report.